Crucial Desktop DDR4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-11-14
SPD, XMP & Overclocking

Above is the recorded SPD reading of the Crucial Desktop ram. This setting was automatically detected and validated by passing through all of our benchmarks and a 4 hour Prime95 run.

Above is a screenshot of the stock settings the modules. At 2133MHz it is the slowest kit on test so we are not expecting ground breaking performance here. The latencies are however quite good, being set to 15-15-15 so we were happy with that. Sadly, there wasn't an XMP profile for the kit so we just went with the rated settings for our benchmarks.

Overclocking the kit was simply a no-go area. We tried increasing the bandwidth, slackening the latencies, and increasing the voltage. None of our efforts gave us anything to write home about so if you are looking to buy this kit, we would advise overclockers to look elsewhere which in fairness, they would most likely do regardless due to the entry level specification and the fact this is far removed from being touted as an overclockers memory kit.

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