Crucial Desktop DDR4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-11-14

Product on Review Crucial Desktop DDR4 16GB kit
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Crucial
Street Price: 149.99 GBP / $265 USD

Some people will always be tempted by the biggest, the best, the fastest, the tastiest. These items inevitably come at an inflated price and quite often offer little 'real world' benefit over 'lesser' products. Others are more content with the basics, indeed supermarkets have their own basics brand which is testament to the need for a no frills, 'does exactly what it says on the tin' product. Look around you and you will find extravagance and basics. The Ferraris to the Dacia, the Heinz beans to Tesco basics. Both do the same thing but one product costs considerably more than the other.

So then why are we discussing this? Well the same can be applied to many computer components, no more so than the product we have for review today; the Crucial Desktop DDR4 kit. You won't find highly polished packaging, oversized heatsinks nor overclocked XMP profiling. What you get is a basic memory kit that performs as it should yet costing less than half that of more extravagant offerings. Servers don't need to look great, nor do enclosed PCs that don't have a window so who cares what it looks like as long as it runs as it should right? In today's market and unstable economy where appeal is driven not by indulgence but by value for money, we see if the Crucial Desktop DDR4 kit is a worthwhile proposition for a desktop environment. At just 149 it certainly appears to tick the right box but is value enough?

Crucial on their Ballistix Sport
Overcome one of your greatest server limitations: memory. From networking, cloud computing, and virtualization to HPC, Big Data and more, memory-dependent server applications require increasingly higher densities of memory and higher levels of performance than are attainable on current DDR3 technology. Enter Crucial DDR4 server memory.

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