Crucial MX300 2TB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-11-16

Product On Review: MX300 2TB SSD
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Crucial/Micron
Street Price: £500 GBP - $500 USD

While Sata 6Gbps may have a 550MB/s bottleneck, such performance is more than adequate for a vast majority of users wanting a slice of the SSD cake. In recent times the cost per GB of Sata-based SSDs has plummeted meaning there has never been a better time to move away from aging mechanical storage.

Typically, it is the primary storage which benefits from an SSD upgrade but these prominent price drops and availability of 3D-NAND has also paved the way for large capacity SSDs to be much more affordable. Today we’ll be examining a large, 2TB SSD which could be ideal for games, movies and music storage.

In the spotlight is the Crucial MX300 SSD. After already reviewing the 750GB model, we’ll be turning to the newly released 2TB edition today to see how this large capacity SSD handles our benchmark suite. Is it finally time to swap out all of those mechanical drives?

Crucial on their MX300
Increase the speed, durability, and efficiency of your system for years to come with the Crucial MX300 SSD. Boot up in seconds and fly through the most demanding applications with an SSD that fuses the latest 3D NAND flash technology with the proven success of previous MX-series SSDs. Your storage drive isn't just a container, it's the engine that loads and saves everything you do and use. Get more out of your computer by boosting nearly every aspect of performance.

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