Cyberpower PC ICUE Infinity Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅29-03-21
Packaging and Bundle

Cyberpower PC shipped the ICUE Infinity double-boxed. The iCUE 4000X packaging served as a secondary layer of protection, while a branded Cyberpower PC box housed both it and additional foam to cushion both front and rear. This adds just a touch more protection for the tempered glass of the iCUE 4000X, and helps to keep it safe against the sometimes mixed care taken by shipping firms. In this instance the ICUE Infinity arrived safely and without interior or exterior damage.

Cyberpower PC also fill the internal void within the tower with a foam that expands to fit the space, cradling components and keeping them in place. Removing it before first boot is an essential step, but the foam pack itself should be retained in case of an RMA.

Prior to first boot all internal connectors and components should be checked just in case they became dislodged or were disconnected prior to shipping.

The bundled accessories are barely worth mentioning this time around. A 3-pin PSU cable is included alongside spare AMD mounting hardware for the H100i CPU cooler, but nothing else. CORSAIR iCUE software handles this system’s RGB lighting configuration internally, and the motherboard lacks even the need for wireless antenna.

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