Das Keyboard X50Q Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅04-10-18
Closer Look

The Das Keyboard X50Q is a very large full-sized keyboard as it measures in at 451mm (L) x 167mm (W) x 32.45mm (H), this means that if you are tight for space, this may be a stretch too big to accommodate. Keep in mind that the dimensions are without the included wrist rest.

Adding the wrist rest does increase the width to 233.8mm and makes this one of the larger full-sized keyboards we’ve tested.

The wrist rest is nicely angled and comfortable thanks to the soft touch, smooth coating to the surface. The rest also features some subtle branding in the form of the Das Keyboard logo. It does have a downside though, and that is the fact it marks quite easily and also prominently shows up any grease or sweat from your skin. It's also not the easiest to clean as you have to be careful to not damage the surface.

Located in the top right corner of the X50Q is the volume knob, this also doubles as a button which can be pressed to bring up notifications - we will cover this in a later portion of the review. In terms of build and feel the volume knob is good. Its coated in a soft touch rubber which feels nice, but there is a little play to it. One more issue we have to address is that the knob only adjusts the volume in increments of four so it isn’t the most accurate we’ve come across. On a more positive note, the action is smooth, and you can feel when the volume changes.

At the bottom right of the keyboard, there is a subtle bit branding which takes the shape of the model number. We like that its colour neutral which fits nicely with the rest of the keyboard. One thing we aren’t overly keen on is the exposed hex key screw heads, and we would have preferred if these were flush with the top plate.

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