De-lidding & Speed-binning Examined

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅26-03-18
Being given the opportunity to take along our own chip, knowing full well it wasn’t “cherry picked” or selected in any way, gave us the ability to trust our results and feel we were giving a reader a true representation of what to expect.

As is evident from the pages describing the procedure, the risks involved are high, with some aspects being incredibly fiddly. If you’re serious about achieving an overclock, have OcUK remove the Silicon Lottery and bathe in the joy of that overclocked goodness.

There’s no denying that de-lidding a CPU provides huge drops in temperature. Our own CPU, in the Vortez office, experienced an average core temperature drop of 23°C at full load, opening up a vast window for overclocking headroom.

Following on from the de-lidding, we tested overclocking. Our experience went from no overclocking at all, to a 5.0GHz stable chip, with lower temperatures than stock. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Our professional opinion would be, don’t undertake the procedure yourself and have OcUK use their years of experience to provide you with a stable, overclockable, de-lidded chip, complete with 12 months warranty.

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