DimasTech Easy V3.0 Testbench Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-02-19

Product on Review: DimasTech Bench Table Easy V3.0
Manufacturer: DimasTech
Street Price: GBP £149.99 / USD $195.98 / EUR €169.99

In something a little different, today we look at something which, admittedly, will be relatively niche, but hopefully interesting to most of our readers; the DimasTech Easy V3.0 Testbench.

DimasTech have been putting together specific cooling solutions for the market for a few years now, which should mean they know a thing or two about the individual requirements of such products.

The Easy V3.0 offers support for a wide range of components, including watercooling set ups with space for a pair of 360mm or 280mm radiators, multiple pump layouts and tube sizes. We also see space for multiple 3.5” HDDs and 5.25” disk drives, full size PSUs and FullATX motherboards all the way through to MiniITX.

Available in a range of colours, you’re able to match this to almost any colour scheme, whether that’s your company or just a personal preference. Colours available are Aurora Blue, Graphite Black, Metallic Grey, Milk White, Sahara Yellow and Spicy Red, the last of which we’ll be reviewing today.

Users who swap out components regularly, or prefer the open aesthetics of a testbench style case will likely find themselves with something of this kind, but what sets the DimasTech V3.0 apart from the competition? Let’s find out.

DimasTech on the Easy V3.0:
The DimasTech® Bench Table in the Model Easy is one of the Master Piece of the Company, the key facts that make it very unique are the shape, the functionality and the rich bundle always included. The Easy model have a Long Story, started in 2006 and thanks to success achieved in this years we are proud to offer a totally renew product but with a look to the past and it’s original form at the beginning.

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