DiRT 4 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-06-17
The Rally mode is the bread and butter of the entire DiRT franchise, with 5 very different locations to put your skills to the test in DiRT 4: Wales, Spain, Australia, Michigan and Sweden.

You begin your endeavour in the front wheel drive cars, skipping over the loose surfaces, before moving up to their bigger and faster cousins, offering upwards of 300BHP and AWD.

Welshman Nicky Grist has made a return from the Colin McRae series, which is bound to please many veteran fans of the series. Recorded in that iconic accent and played to perfection through your headset; a true touch of class from Codemasters.

Driving up to the race Marshall at the end of the stage feels like a must-have for the DiRT series, but we've not seen this before; excellent addition from Codemasters, adding a further level of realism.

Wales offers fast paced forest runs, tight sections and plenty of hairpins. Best played in the rain, as is expected from Wales.

The twists and turns of Spain, along the asphalt, is something to behold. The grippy surface offers plenty of traction, and therefore the ability to carry your pace; but increasing your speed invites the possibility of accidents. The off-track respawn limits are put to the test in Spain, allowing for some spectacular high speed crashes. This may involve some explaining to your co-driver.

Australia is the most forgiving of the 5 rally stages, with the biggest run off areas and widest tracks. Grip here is low, however, due to the fine dust covering most stages.

Sweden is where the fun begins, the best of luck to anyone wishing to hit these stages at full tilt. The compacted snow and low visibility make this area tricky!

Michigan is a mixed bag, offering beautiful visuals but terrifying speeds at the same time. You’ll more than likely find your first perfect stage to occur here, but it can all go wrong in the blink of an eye.

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