EasySMX EG-C3071W Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅08-06-18

Product on Review: EasySMX EG-C3071W Wireless Game Controller
Manufacturer: EasySMX
Street Price: £20.59 / $28.99 / € 23.48

EasySMX is a relative newcomer to the gaming market, but with them driving focus towards making affordable gaming products, they are quickly becoming quite popular in the budget gaming scene. Today we’ll be testing out their EG-C3071W gaming controller and putting it through its paces.

The EG-C3071W utilises a 600mAh internal Li-ion battery combined with asymmetrical motors and nonlinear triggers. The controllers' layout has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible, while still being intuitive to use, it also makes use of the 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth to provide up to 10M of range. The EG-C3071W also has broad compatibility and will work with Android mobile devices as well as on console and PC. So could this make it the perfect one-stop solution for all your gaming needs?

EasySMX on the EG-C3071W:
Asymmetrical motors deliver multiple-layer, multiple-magnitude vibration. Experience intense shock in shooting games and powerful crashing feedback in car–racing games.

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