Enermax Apollish Vegas and T.B. Silence Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅27-11-10

As with the original Apollish Enermax have not brought us a subtle fan with the design of the Vegas.

The loss of the thermal sensor speed control is a little unfortunate but users still have the ability to control fan speed using the control box. On top of that you get the fun disco style light effects from the 18 diodes lining the perimeter of the fans frame.

The Apollish Vegas.

It is powerful when called upon and quiet when needed - another impressive performance from one of my favourite fan designs.

The T.B. Silence is a completely different proposition. It's quiet and understated and gives the impression of a fan that 'just gets on with it'.

Ultra low voltage performance is literally silent although this does happen at the expense of static pressure. Medium to full voltage performance sends it into the realm of the Apollish Vegas at low voltage. Very quiet whilst pushing a decent amount of air at the time.

It's very creditable and although not a performance multi role fan it would make the T.B. Silence one of my first choices as a silent case fan.

The T.B. Silence.

Enermax are I'm sure very proud of these latest fans. The Apollish Vegas is the more flexible of the two and like its granddaddy the original Apollish it offers the best combination of style vs performance vs sound level. That said it is a very expensive proposition at just over 17 and with so much decent competition coming in under this price point I'm not sure how easy it is to justify.


+ Both return great performance versus sound level
+ Both provide a resonance, chuffing and click free performance
+ Vegas provides good airflow and pressure at almost all speeds
+ Vegas comes in a variety of colour choices
+ Vegas is a colourful and striking design
+ T.B Silence is good value considering the performance returns


- Apollish Vegas is pretty expensive - over twice the price of a T.B Silence
- T.B Silence has a lack of cable braiding

Each of these fans are a credit to Enermax and a good expansion of the current line up - as a result I've chosen to award them both the Vortez Silver Award.

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