Enermax ETS-T40-TA CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅29-12-11
Packaging and Content

The packaging

Enermax package their ETS-T40 in a standard white and blue cardboard box. There is nothing striking in its design to help in aesthetics but in terms of information provided, the packaging isnt lacking. As such, Enermax have kept their packaging design simple but effective; the front displays the cooler and the model name as well as some basic information such as socket support for Intel Core I series of processors and AMD AMD3/2. The picture illustrated at the front is actually not representative of the actual product which is instead found below with a red dot indicating the variant. The cooler is rated at 200+W. Considering the TDP of an overclocked i7 920 being 250W, it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to effectively cool the processor.

The specifications

On one side of the package, the specification of the heatsink and fans are listed. Since the package is universal for all three variants of the cooler, the specifications cover all three. Here, we have the ETS-T40-TA with a single PWM enabled T.B.Apollish fan operating between 800-1800RPM. The cooler is also very light weight based on the specifications at a mere 610g. For convenience, the dimensions are also illustrated so buyers can verify compatibility. The compact nature of the Enermax cooler means that it should fit most mid-tower cases without memory compatibility issues either.

The features

On the other side is a list of all the features such as socket support, patented features, construction material and other bundled components. For a more detailed look at features such as VGF, SEF, and VEF, have a look at the previous page. Enermax have nicely added a few illustrations of the features listed.

Opening the box

Inside, the cooler is enclosed tightly by cardboard with free space all around to prevent damage to the cooler itself during transit. Below the cooler is a small area containing all the accessories and the manual. When opening the box, we are first greeted by the blue T.B.Apollish fan which comes pre-attached to the heatsink.

The cooler

The cooler already comes pre-assembled with the fan out of the box although during installation, the fan will have to be removed first anyway. The cooler base sits snugly into the cardboard cut-out to prevent damage.

The bundle

The accessories kit seems quite sparse but it contains everything that is needed for installation. Its always better to have fewer components as it implies easier installation and less risk of losing bits and pieces. Included are:

-1x CPU Cooler
-1x 120mm T.B.Apollish fan
-1x back plate
-4x Plastic washers
-4x Screw Pillars
-2x Bracket mounts for Intel CPU
-2x Bracket mounts for AMD CPU
-4x Nuts for bracket mounts
-1x Pressure mounting plate
-2x Nuts for pressure mounting plate
-1x Angled wrench
-2x Fan brackets
-8x Anti-vibration rubber strips
-1x Dow Corning TC-5121 Thermal paste tube
-1x Installation guide

The mounting system is not dissimilar to many popular ones weve seen before from the likes of Prolimatech or Thermalright which is always positive. Two additional fan wire clips are provided so a second fan can easily be attached.

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