EPOS GSP 601 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-01-21
Closer Look

Since we’re also using the GSX 300 in this review we’ve included a shot of the packaging that this unit arrives in too. Both items are well presented, with packaging we expect from EPOS. Inside, there is padding for safe arrival during transit and respective manuals and cables to use both products.

GSP601 is a rather attractive looking headset which combines white, bronze and black elements. EPOS provides white covers which can replace the bronze covers on either side – some gamers will prefer to opt for an all-white headset and keep the theme uniform. Overall EPOS has done a great job with the aesthetics and we approve of their design choice purely on the visuals.

As well as having adjustment on the sides for different sized heads, the headband also benefits from large ventilation gaps and soft cloth padding to make long-term usage bearable.

Likewise, the earcups are again using some soft cloth material but also benefit from leather too. Underneath, EPOS are using memory foam which is commonly used nowadays to ensure comfort for long periods of time.

Having a volume dial is a must and GSP 601 comes with a large circular dial on the outside edge of the right earcup. This allows you to make those modifications on-the-fly and the feedback from this part is just ideal – it isn’t too loose, nor is it too stiff.

From this angle you can also see the metal hinge which is included on either side to enhance durability.

Over on the left-side there is a large microphone boom arm which utilises a lift-to-mute mechanism. This is useful if you need to quickly mute the microphone without having to search around within windows or in-game.

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