EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-03-21


It would be easy to assume that the size of the GTW 270s would automatically place them as inferior compared to a full-sized gaming headset. One of the main factors being the sheer size of the drivers. While they may not be all the way there in terms of audio comparison, they are certainly very close.

Regardless of the chosen task – music, movies or gaming, the GTW 270s perform exceeding well, providing a noticeable punch in the bass. We found the audio warm, extremely clear and very well balanced. In fact, we were completely blown away by the performance from such a small device(s).

We experienced no lag issues using Bluetooth with the receiver within metres of distance, but USB-C does benefit from aptX low latency which will resolve any such weaknesses that Bluetooth can introduce.


Against their fully fledged wireless gaming headset counterparts, the GTW 270 earbuds have just 5 hours of battery life. While this would typically cover the usual gaming session, they will need to be dropped into the charging case following usage. The charging case can provide up to 15 hours of charge (3 sessions) which is pretty decent!


What makes the GTW 270 especially versatile is their “hybrid” attribute which comes in the form of Bluetooth connectivity. For those without a USB-C port (or who prefer to use Bluetooth in general) the GTW 270s can be connected to a device, such as an Apple iPhone (which currently only use lightning ports). Synchronising the earbuds to a device using Bluetooth is easy – just enable Bluetooth on said device, hold the button on the front of the earbud case for longer than 5s and this will allow the GTW 270s to pair up.

Having two methods to utilise is a huge selling point and it is great to see!

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