EPOS H3 Gaming Headset Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅20-04-21
Packaging and Bundle

EPOS are trying hard to be understated with the H3, packaging it in an all-black box that turns its back on the bright colour convention of gaming headsets. You do however get a side-shot of the headset, presenting both the microphone and left ear cup, of this not particularly discreet gaming peripheral.

The packaging rear showcases the H3ís primary features: articulated microphone, thick ear pads and quality materials. It also fails to mention any technical details for the headset, including critical aspects such as compatibility information.

In fact, no-where on the exterior does the H3 break down the more technical information we would expect from a product in this market segment. While a surprise and disappointment, this could be a) pre-production packaging, or b) reflective of the fact that purchases are likely to be made online, where all the necessary info can be accessible in a more digestible form.

It does however have a QR code printed on the side that redirects to the product page.

The H3 headset bundle is a modest one. It includes the headset itself, PC audio cable (with dual 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks), Console audio cable (with 4-pole combined 3.5mm jack) and the usual paperwork consisting of warranty info and quick-start guide. Both cables are braided for greater long-term durability. The accessories and paperwork are packed away in a smaller box, preventing unintentional damage, and the headset itself sits within a foam recess.

At first glance the H3 is rather conventional, but donít be fooled; this headset has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Overall, itís a nice unboxing treat without being over the top and the level of protection afforded the headset should be plenty to keep it out of trouble during shipping. Our only concern is that the foam insert isnít necessarily the most environmentally friendly of packaging materials.

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