Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-09-16
Software & Lighting

The software itself is fairly basic but well laid out and seems to be a re-skinned version of the original Func KB-460 software. I think it would have been good for the background colour to reflect the packaging (white with Fnatic branding), but that is irrelevant to the functionality. At first I found it slightly confusing how to assign the macros, but the online manual explains it well, and it is fairly easy to use. Click one of the Macro keys (M1-M10), then click on the key you want to assign it to. Once you have done this you will be able to assign that key with one of the listed functions or create a new macro. If you select 'macro', the Macro Recorder will pop up ready for you to record a command of your choice (up to 24 key strokes), though it is worth noting that it does not register mouse actions. Each profile can save 10 macro commands, and to use the macro keys, you will need to enable the Fnatic Gear mode, Fn + F12.

The backlighting is red, not too bright, but looks nice. The brightness can be adjusted in 0%-25%-50%-75%-100%-pulse stages.

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