Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-09-16
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
If you have no desire to use macros, you can skip the installation of the software and use the Rush keyboard driverless, or if you have already saved your macros to the onboard memory, simply select the profile you want to use and you will have access to your controls with or without the software download. You will of course need to install the software should you wish to add, edit or create new macros.

The Rush keyboard features an attractive braided cable with a single USB connector, which is great for a hassle free setup on a keyboard that also contains 2x extra USB ports, though the reliability of said ports may be diminished if you end up trying to do various bandwidth intensive tasks, though I didn't experience any issues uploading the images taken of the Rush keyboard while using the other port for the mouse, though I had connected it to a USB 3.0 port. The overall build quality feels solid, the keycaps feel great and typing and gaming is a joy as always with CHERRY MX switches. The model we are looking at features CHERRY MX Brown switches, but if you prefer, the Rush is also available in Red and Blue flavours too.

The wrist rest is a little less straight forward to setup than some others, requiring the placement of two small plastic clips that hold the wrist rest in place, but it isn't too fiddly or time consuming to setup.

Testing out the anti-ghosting capabilities, we used Aqua's keytest and mashed the keyboard a few times, and it seems NKRO is a little overstatement, but it manages around 10KRO perfectly fine which is no problem for human gamers at least. After several hours gaming on DOTA 2 and Deus EX: Mankind Divided, I felt at ease using the Rush keyboard and it didn't create any problems. I decided to remove the wrist rest, mostly because I loathe rubberised coatings, and found that the keyboard was still comfortable to use and type with.

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