Foxconn P67A-S Sandy Bridge LGA1155 Preview

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅21-12-10
First Look

Foxconn have been behind the scenes over the last few years, providing OEM production for other manufactures. Sure enough they have also been launching some products to the market but retail hasn't been a big focus for them... until now.

Come January, Foxconn will be back and launching a new range of P67/H67 motherboards armed with the new Sandy Bridge chipset. It's good to see an old friend back again!

A few days ago a parcel arrived with us containing P67 and H67 motherboards from Foxconn - as with previous Sandy Bridge boards I thought it would be a good idea to get a preview out to you the readers, especially as from the outset the P67A-S that I will be showing off today seems to have a whole catalogue of rich features.

The P67A-S seeks to appeal to those who want the performance but on a budget. This board promises to have the competence to allow users of both novice and expert level to be able to overclock with ease.

Our P67A-S has very distinctive looks. Red and blue seem to be the most prevalent colours for motherboard design, Foxconn are breaking out of this trend with a Vortez-esque looking colour-scheme. We like it!

An overview of the P67A-S

Showing the profile of the P67A-S

Over on the page we will take a closer look at the various aspects of the P67A-S

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