Fractal Design Define S Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-04-15

At the front of Define S there is a plastic fascia which takes on a brushed metal appearance. This panel is completely closed off and without any features at all – 5.25” drive bay covers are absent.

At the rear of Define S we have an opening at the bottom for mounting the PSU and then above this there are a series of seven PCI expansion slot covers and then finally a 140mm rear exhaust fan sits at the top, expelling unwanted heat.

The front fascia on Define S is detachable and upon removing this panel we have a large single-piece dust filter and an accompanying 140mm intake fan. This filter simply lifts off – there are magnets which help it to fix onto the chassis.

Up at the very top of Define S there is the front panel connectivity. This consists of just a few options, including: headphone and microphone jacks, reset button, large power button and two USB 3.0 ports. The USB 3.0 ports are a step away from the typical blue colour we are accustomed to. Fractal Design, in their pursuit of sleekness has styled them grey to match the case!

Further back from these controls we have a trio of “ModuVents”. These innovative panels are plastic and can be easily detached without the need of a screwdriver.

Not only are these panels easy to remove from the case, they are lined with soft noise damping material to reduce noise levels. After handling these ModuVents we’re confident they have been engineered to high-standards and not only do they look classy but they are very useful too.

Underneath, the chassis uses honeycomb mesh supporting 3x 120/140mm cooling fans and therefore 240/280/360mm radiator support too. Fractal Design has even included a staggering 420mm support also!

Placing Define S on its side we can see there are four circular rubber feet to help the case remain stable on smooth surfaces. Fractal Design has included a large, detachable dust filter which covers the PSU area and bottom fan spot.

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