FSP AURUM CM 650M Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-01-12

Product on Review: AURUM CM GOLD 650M (AU-650M)
Manufacturer: FSP
Street Price: £100 inc. VAT

Once upon a time 80 Plus Certified PSUs, even with Bronze rating were satisfactory and classed as “the norm” but over the last few years as governments and society strive and adhere to energy efficiency even the heartbeat of the computer system seeks to achieve new heights of efficiency with 80 Plus Platinum (90% Efficiency). 80 Plus Gold (87% Efficiency) appears to be the benchmark that even the casual enthusiast must possess.

FSP have been around for a long time and are the makers of many other brands of PSU also. Their latest PSU release sees the popular AURUM Series go modular with the AURUM CM moniker. Available in three different variants – 550W, 650W and 750W we will be taking a close look at the 650W version today and see how it performs in the real-world.

AURUM Series, a brand new line-up of FSP Power Supply family that meets 80 PLUS Gold Standard with >90% efficiency. AURUM Series is a perfect combination of premium quality and efficiency, making it the most ideal choice for those who seek for state of the art technology and environmental friendliness at the same time. AURUM’s sleek design and unique rugged Granite-Touch finishing makes it a truly regal Power Supply like no others.

With MIA IC™ Patented Technology, AURUM Series provides the best performance and highest protection to your system. Thanks to MIA IC™ Technology, power supplies are now compact in size, equipped with high efficiency and maximum protection. In addition, the new Arrow-shaped ventilation provides remarkable air ventilation and superb cooling performance.

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