FSP AURUM Pro 1200W Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-08-12
Closer Look (External)

AURUM Pro has a matt black appearance. The outer shell of the PSU has a rough, grainy texture build quality is very good. Reflecting the name AURUM (gold) and the 80 Plus Gold efficiency, there are bands of this colour around the fan grill. Branding has been kept discreet with AURUM Pro but there is an embossed FSP insignia on either side of the unit. Overall styling is attractive and clean.

AURUM Pro in all its glory

Inspecting the fan grill closely there are patterned incisions above and below the grill itself carries with it the FSP logo. The fan on the underside is a 135mm Hydro Dynamic Bearing Fan, the exact brand and model we will discover in the next section of the review.

The fan grill covers a 135mm Hydro Dynamic Bearing Fan

AURUM Pro is semi-modular and has a result there are various connector ports to attach cables between the PSU and devices. Although there are multiple slots for VGA, AURUM Pro uses a single rail for +12v. Its nice to see there are additional slots for powering cooling fans on this PSU, this is largely unheard of but is a useful inclusion.

Modular panel for connecting cables

On the alternate side to the fan sits the specifications label which details the total power for each of the rails including the ampage too. This particular model has a total of 1200W available. The +12v rail in particular has a whopping 100A and as already mentioned is single and dedicated, meaning it will be ideal for a dual or even triple graphics card configuration.

The specifications label detailing technical information

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