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Product on review: GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS
Manufacturer & Sponsor: GAMDIAS
Street Price: £64.99 - 69.99 inc VAT

GAMDIAS are tirelessly churning out innovative ideas inspired by Greek mythology to create a distinct and unique brand. From their audio stable we get the HEPHAESTUS gaming headset. God of forge and fire, Hephaestus made the weapons of the Gods, so would that mean the HEPHAESTUS headset is worthy of your monies? Falling right into the thick of the gaming headset arena at £65-70, there is a lot of exceptional competition. So how does this stand out? Firstly the design, while it does come in with that exaggerated 'gamer' aesthetic, it does it exceptionally well without being overstated, secondly, the party piece is the visible passive aluminium heatsinks that, aside from looking awesome, apparently help keep your head cool. If you thought that was enough, GAMDIAS have gone a little extra to deliver an 'extra sensory' headset by implementing directional vibration dubbed 'Blast Source Indicator'. So in regards to having enough character to stand out from the crowd, this one is a mighty blacksmith at a knitting convention!

Overview by GAMDIAS
Did you ever think surround sound is getting old-school? Have you ever had a 4D experience with your headsets? How about a cooling system in them? Well…HEPHAESTUS gaming headset is here to offer you those exclusive features never seen before on the planet, and that alone epitomizes the dominance of HEPHAESTUS in this particular industry. These cutting-edge technologies are what GAMDIAS is all about, they are not there just to look cool or to be bragged about, but they are also exceptionally practical. A cooling system with built-in aluminum heat sinks would drops the temperature to hit that optimal comfort level we all desire in an all-day gaming session. Additionally, the blast source identifier triggers the ear cups to vibrate independently depending on the direction of the sound. You no longer merely have the surround sound to assist you in a frantic warzone, but an actual vibration to pinpoint where your enemies are located. Misjudgment is undeniably a thing of the past with HEPHAESTUS at your disposal.

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