Gamer Storm Captain 240 Pro Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅12-02-19
Closer Look
Starting off with the pump housing, the first thing to strike you is the protruding glass tube out of the top, this is apparently to see the liquid flowing inside, but without air or some other kind of foreign object suspended in the system, it’ll be incredibly difficult to see the flow. However, it gives the pump a weirdly modern and old industrial feel.

The white translucent plastic sections on top of the pump, as well as the loop of plastic around the sides are responsible for the RGB lighting.

The base is polished to an incredibly smooth finish which should help in a small way to remove heat from the CPU.

Moving onto the 120mm fans, each fan features a total of 9 ridged, translucent blades which are illuminated from the hub in the centre. Both sides of the fans are rubber mounted in the corners to prevent vibrations from being transferred from the frame into the radiator. The fans operate in a range of 500-1800 RPM which should bode well for quiet idle operation with decent cooling potential at full load.

Finally, the radiator. Each edge of the radiator features a fancy polished insert with the parent companies title.

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