GIGABYTE Force H5 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅21-10-16

Product on Review: GIGABYTE Force H5
Manufacturer & Sponsor: GIGABYTE
Street Price: £115 UK - $129 US

It has been a while since we had a good look at a GIGABYTE branded headset. This time we have a look at the SRS virtual surround powered Force H5. It bears a similar sleek aesthetic as the earlier Force H3X, and is a relative lightweight 288g (without cable). The earcups are ergonomically designed and padded with soft memory foam, they can also swivel 360 degrees to ensure a comfortable fit. The Force H5 is equipped with 50mm drivers that are acoustically inclined to ensure the the best quality audio is received by the gamer. For communication there is a retractable, flexible microphone.

As the Force H5 fills the role of the virtual surround, USB gaming headset, GIGABYTE have come up with an interesting solution for the built in audio processing and interactive controls. Rather than a traditional mechanical remote featuring buttons, we are presented with a touch controlled panel that lights up.

Overview by GIGABYTE
The FORCE H5 incorporates dual 50mm neodymium drivers with the SRS surround sound engine to present a vivid 360° sound field, allowing gamers to accurately identify the direction each sound is coming from. The speakers are acoustically inclined for a much enhanced audio perception with rich detail. The onboard USB sound card requires no software and lets gamers get straight into action with the easy plug-and –play connectivity.

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