👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-11-12
Packaging & First Look

The off white box art is pretty typical of current GIGABYTE products, we see the Ultra Durable 5 logo and some awards that this product has received.There is a statement from GIGABYTE saying that this product is aimed at overclockers and watercooled systems. At the bottom we can of course see the model name and more information including the 2x copper PCB and the glass fabric PCB and humidity protection. Not to forget the standard AMD icons which give information about APU and technology support.

On the underside of the box we can see more detailed information about Ultra Durable 5 and how it creates a cooler and more efficient system. We can also see that this board has support for Lucid Virtu MVP and has GIGABYTEs 3D BIOS.

Accessories included has 4x SATA cables, padded rear I/O backplate, quickstart guide and manual and a GIGABYTE casebadge.

Using neutral tones, the GA-F2A85X-UP4 has a pleasing aesthetic which could be used with any colour or themed build without being too imposing. Some may go as far to say that the giant red power button would kinda break the flow, but shouldn't be a deal breaker for most. Initial impressions are good, we can see right angled SATA ports, USB 3.0 header on the right hand side for easy accessibility, and the primary x16 PCIe slot is 2nd from top to prevent any CPU heatsink clashes.

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