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Closer Look

The graphics card

Gigabyte's Windforce cooling technology is the first thing that greets the eye when you first unpack the card. Rather than opt for a reference cooling design, the Windforce cooling solution adds performance and gloss to what would otherwise be a rather drab affair. The cards PCB measures 21cm but a further 1.5cm should be added due to the overhang of the cooling shroud.

The rear of the card

Gigabyte have used their traditional blue PCB which should make for a perfect match should you make use of one of their motherboards and while Gigabyte are not the only manufacturer to utilise this colour scheme, it certainly sets it apart from the dull black affairs we have become accustomed to. The contrasting copper heatpipes (4x6mm) gives the card a bit more bulk and they hint at its underlying performance.

SLI Connector

Here we see that the card is SLI capable (dual card only) due to the single SLI connector. Adjacent to this you will see a gold connector hidden behind the I/O backplate, this is a gold plated HDMI port.

Dual 6-pin PCIe port

Despite the 10w power savings of this card over its predecessor the GTX460, the GTX560 requires 2x6pin power cables with a PSU capable of delivering 500w (recommended by NVidia). Even though the power connectors are at the end of the card rather than the leading edge, the card should not present any issues of clearance and could easily be accommodated in all but the smallest setups thanks to the cards length.

I/O Backplate

The dual slot design is a standard affair found on most recent NVidia cards. It houses a vent upmost, which while welcomed is not entirely functional as the card does not have a fully enclosed shroud. 2x DVI connectors are chaperoned by a single gold plated mini-HDMI port which supports the latest 1.4a standard. The ports also support Nvidia Surround technology, without requiring DisplayPort, as long as another GTX560 is used in SLI. The I/O panel is exactly the same as found on the GTX570 and GTX580.

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