GIGABYTE GTX 780 GHz Edition Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅13-01-14

Product on Review: GV-N780GHZ-3GD
Manufacturer and Sponsor: GIGABYTE
Street Price: £419.74 at time of review

We last took a look at the NVIDIA GTX 780 when GIGABYTE sent us their OC (Overclock) version. Today's sample looks strikingly similar save for one key factor, this version has a much higher factory overclock. As the name suggests, this GTX 780 is pre-overclocked not only to 1GHz but a full 20MHz past that mark resulting in a GPU Boost 2.0 speed of 1071MHz! This makes the 'GHz Edition' the fastest NVIDIA GTX780 mass produced.

Speed is nothing without cooling and as you would expect, GIGABYTE have seen fit to include not only their amazing Windforce 3x heatsink but also a very swish backplate.

You could be forgiven for assuming this card hails from the 'Super Overclock' line of GPU's, such is the performance but we won't spoil it for you. Come on in, put your feet up as we take you through the latest speed demon from those crazy guys from Taiwan.

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