GIGABYTE M6900 & M6980 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-11-10

The GIGABYTE M6980 follows a very similar design concept to the M6900. The only difference is the materials used on the exterior. The actual shape and size is exactly the same.

The exterior on the M6980 is matte as opposed to the glossy surface on the M6900. The M6980 feels much softer than the M6900. Although both mice look similar, I prefer the touch and feel of the M6980.

Rather than go through each of the perspectives of the M6980 I will just say that the only other difference is of course the DPI switching buttons which are slightly different, we are able to switch between profiles with these buttons. The M6980 also features a GHOST Macro Engine that works hand-in-hand with the software provided - here you can drag and drop functions and command sets to buttons. We will take a closer look at this later.

The sensor is also different on the M6980. Rather than going with optical, this mouse features a 2000DPI laser sensor capable of up to 20G acceleration and 7080 FPS.

A top view of the M6800

DPI adjustment buttons

The left side with ribbed pad for comfort and grip

A glossy right side

A front view of the M6800

2000DPI laser sensor

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