👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-11-14
First Look

the packaging is pretty much the same as you will find elsewhere in that the modules are encased in a blister style package. GSKILL do go that little bit extra by including a case badge which was nice but overall, it is a basic design that does the job.

The modules themselves look stunning. The black heatsinks with matching black PCB look very sleek and the contrasting stickers set the tone nicely. The kits come in a variety of colours depending on the speed you choose with options of blue and red coloured heatsinks being available so no matter what the colour scheme of your PC build, the Ripjaws family have a colour to compliment your build.

The front of the modules are dominated by the aluminium heatspreader complete with louvres that reminded us of a Transformer emblem. The sticker, while small, looks great and contrasts well with the theme of the sticks.

We see a mirror of the front at the rear of the sticks however, this time we find GSKILL have added some specs stickers that tell us everything we need to know including voltage, latencies and the bandwidth these sticks are tested to run at.

Of concern to most system builders, especially those with oversized heatsinks will be the height of the modules. These modules are the same design as previous and as such measure just 40mm so will not cause any issues with most air cooled CPU heatsinks.

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