HIS R9 280X IceQ x2 Turbo Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅22-12-13
Packaging & Accessories

The familiar ICEQ packaging has been carried over to the latest range of AMD cards by HIS. Not that this is a bad thing as the packaging design is most certainly eye catching. Amongst the standard set of R9 280X features , the front of the box also has a couple of add-on stickers to distinguish this model from others in the ICEQ X2 range, namely the two Turbo emblems which tell us this is HIS' premier model.

The rear of the packaging gives us a basic run down of the main features while also identifying the key elements of the ICEQ X2 cooling design.

The included accessories are basic. For your money you get a VGA/DVI adaptor, Crossfire bridge and basic instruction manual. There was no CD containing driver/software and surprisingly no included power adaptors, which as this card requires 2x8pin power plugs may be a rationing too far for HIS customers.

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