HIS R9 280X IceQ x2 Turbo Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅22-12-13
First Look

We love the new ICEQ cooling design which is a great step forward in our eyes from the older model. The sleek black looks with honeycomb centre inserts certainly make the card stand out but not for all the wrong reasons like previously.

Spoiling the design, HIS have stubbornly kept the blue PCB of yesteryear. While it understandable HIS wish to remain 'iconic' with a traditional blue PCB, we can't help feeling black would have been a much better choice for a card of this calibre.

The card is quite a long beast measuring 31.1 x 15 x 4.2 cm so expect some overhang over a standard ATX size motherboard. The overhang is made worse thanks to the extended heatsink shroud which doesn't seem to serve any use other than to enhance aesthetics.

The I/O area features a Dual link DVI-I port, full size HDMI and twin DisplayPorts.

From a profile angle we can see the card sports a few heatpipes hinting at some serious cooling power with the ICEQ design. We also appreciate the discreet HIS logo rather than on over zealous attempt at product identification.

To power the card, you will need twin 8pin PCIe power ports. This is a strange step by HIS given that few cards, let alone the 280X require such power. To make matters worse, because there was no included 8pin power adaptors you must provide these yourself if your PSU does not have an adequate supply of these connectors.

Like the HD7970, the R9 280X is capable of CrossfireX meaning multiple cards from the same family can be added to your setup for enhanced performance.

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