HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-10-17
Closer Look

The top side of the headband features the HyperX logo embossed into it, while the edges where the top and underside of the headband are stitched for durability.

The headband itself features HyperX's signature memory foam for comfort.

As with the previous Cloud headsets, the ear-cups have an adjustable length to suit your head size.

We can clearly see that the ear-cups have lost a bit of the roundness found on the Cloud headset, now with straighter sides and a slightly flatter metal covering. The plastic part features a soft-touch coating, while the metal part is no longer brushed, but is a matt finish. On the underside of the left ear-cup we see the ports for the microphone and the main cable.

On the top side of the ear-cup we find a group of vents which will allow for a small amount of ventilation, and bass reflex.

The headset itself is very flexible and allows for a lot of movement. In this image here we can clearly see the cut outs in the frame, allowing some weight reduction, as well as the shape of the ear-pads. The ear-pads are very soft, high quality leatherette, with squishy memory foam underneath.

We can easily remove the ear-pads to replace them with fresh ones later in the headsets life, while underneath, we can see that the drivers are protected by a metal mesh.

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