In Win GreenME 650W Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-08-12
Packaging, Bundle & Cables

Having care for the environment at the top of the agenda the GreenME series is presented in lack-lustre, albeit eco-friendly packaging. Fundamental features and specifications can be found on the front and other sides of this box and inside the PSU is covered in a clear plastic sheet.

Packaging for GreenME follows eco-friendly guidelines

The accessories bundle contains only a few items and these include a brief instructions manual and two Velcro straps for keeping the cables tidy within the chassis.

The bundle includes instructions manual and Velcro straps

The GreenME 650W in the spotlight today is not modular and as a result all of the available cables are hard-wired into the unit. These cables are sleeved to keep cables joined and also help uphold a tidy computer chassis. The cables that are included consist of the following:

24-pin ATX 50cm total length
2x 4-pin EPS/CPU power 50cm total length
2x SATA (3x connectors) 50cm total length
1x Molex (3x connectors + floppy) 50cm total length
2x PCI-E (6+2-pin) 50cm total length

Cables are hard-wired into the unit

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