In Win GreenME 650W Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-08-12
Closer Look (External)

GreenME is predominantly white; the surface of the outer casing has a grainy texture and overall quality is good. White is a colour that many are thriving for as many vendors continue to design white computer chassis.

An overview of GreenME 650W

In Win have opted for a 120mm cooling fan with GreenME, the exact brand and model we will discover when the unit is opened up in the next section. The In Win logo is found in the very centre and a circular grille covers this cooling fan.

120mm cooling fan

GreenME is rather plain in its design, there is no branding or graphics on the sides apart from one side which has the specifications. This label lists the ampage and total power for each of the rails. Most notable is the +12v which is used primarily for graphics card power. In Win have opted for a quad rail design with 25A delivered on each. The 80 Plus Bronze efficiency emblem can be seen on this panel too.

The specifications label for GreenME 650W

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