IN WIN Griffin Case Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-04-10
Product on Review: IN WIN Griffin
Manufacturer and Sponsor: IN WIN
Street Price: Approx. £30

It was only a few weeks ago that IN WIN announced their new Griffin mid-tower case. Seeing the first set of images of this beauty filled me with anticipation, IN WIN seem to be passionate about bringing unique design ideas to the market.

Today I will be reviewing this new addition to their budget-range of cases. The Griffin comes in two flavours – black or yellow. I will be reviewing the black variant. The Griffin is focused at bringing an affordable, stylish case to the gaming market. Let’s take a look.

Excellent Thermal Solution
A 22cm super-sized side fan and 9cm rear fan work diligently to push air through a plethora of ventilation holes. A maximum of three 12 cm cooling fans design provides an excellent and efficient airflow throughout the chassis, optimizing thermal solution capabilities.

Tool-Free Designs
The Griffin is any user’s dream machine as it features tool-free installation of ODD, FDD, HDD drive bays and a screw-less side panel.

High Expansion Capability
With a 10 drive bays capacity, the expansion capabilities of the Griffin are seemingly endless! They include 5.25” x 4, 3.5” x 1, and an internal drive bay capacity of 3.5” x 5 to meet any gamer expectations.

Hidden Front I/O Ports
The hidden front I/O port upward design features the easy access and removal of the eSATA, USB, audio connections.

Griffin is more than just a case; it offers an ample space for the expansibility and makes assembling a fun, easy, and enjoyable experience. The Griffin does not only the offer supreme design concept but also tremendous features for both novice gamers and pro players.

First glance at the features and image of the Griffin certainly instil the idea of it bringing innovation to case design. Over the page we will take a look at the case.

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