Innergie mCube Mini Auto/Air Power Adapter Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅19-01-11

Product on Review: Innergie mCube Mini Auto/Air Power Adapter
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Innergie
MSRP (excl. VAT): € 69,99 / US$ 69.99

Innergie is a company that specialises in consumer power products. Innergie claims that their mCube Mini is the world’s smallest auto and travel plane power adapter. In addition to its small size, this DC/DC power adapter is able to charge laptops requiring up to 65W at 15-21V. As such, it should be able to power most consumer-grade laptops, with the exception of certain gaming laptops that might require more than 95W of power. Not only is the mCube Mini small, it has a sleek white design and it comes bundled with a dozen notebook tips to support almost all laptops.

Read on as we explore whether or not the mCube Mini is worth your consideration.

Innergie mCube Mini

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