Inno3D GTX560 Ti 1GB OC Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅27-03-11
Packaging and Content

The front of the box
The Inno3D packaging is not too dissimilar from the one they used for the GTX570. The first impression you get is the sheer size of the box, or just how small it is. It no doubt reflects on the size of the card. The packaging follows the same vibrant design found on their other products with the Inoo3D logo on the side and a background reminiscent of a PCB’s circuitry. The front of the packaging is very busy with information, listing the name of the card and the memory bus width and framebuffer. Most notably is the inclusion of 3DMark11 Advanced edition and a StarCraft II trial key. Unfortunately, no mouse mat was bundled with the card. Other features we can expect from the card are the standard PhysX, CUDA and 3D Vision Surround support.

The back of the box
The back of the box is rich in information detailing the benefits of the features the Nvidia card supports. Illustrations of DirectX 11, surround gaming and 3D are shown to depict what users can expect. The features are also listed in 9 languages, showcasing Inno3D’s global presence.

The features
Closer up, the illustrations demonstrate the benefits of the GTX560. 3x the performance of previous generations is a strange claim but one that will be put to the test later on.

The interior packaging
Inside the main outer packaging is a standard brown cardboard box housing the graphics card and closed off with foam at the ends. All the relevant documentations and discs can be found at the bottom. Unlike the GTX570, there are no highlighted warnings telling users to be careful of the heat and using applications such as Furmark. It indicates a cool and efficient running graphics card.

The bundle
Bundled with the graphics card are:
- 1 x Dual Molex to 6 Pin power adapter,
- 1 x DVI to VGA adaptor
- 1 x Application Disc containing the advanced version of 3DMark 11
- 1 x Driver Disc
- 1 x 3DMark11 Authentication key
- The StarCraft II Trial Key

The graphics card nicely wrapped up
Following suit from the GTX570 that they sent us, Inno3D proves to be generous once again. No mouse mat is bundled but instead a free copy of 3DMark11 and a 14 day trial key of StarCraft II are bundled for the buyer. It makes for a welcoming change to the other brands that fail to bundle anything extra with their graphics cards.

The graphics card is secured very well in the packaging. On top of the foam at each end of the cardboard box, the graphics card itself is wrapped in anti-static bag and bubble wrapped for added protection.

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