Inno3D GTX560 Ti 1GB OC Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅27-03-11
Closer Look

The Graphics card

Inno3D’s GTX560Ti follows Nvidia’s reference design, sporting a black shroud with green accents and the centred positioned fan. Inno3D have opted to use the same box cover design on their graphics card rather than leaving the shroud blank. As standard, the have placed a sticker of their own logo on the fan rotor. The rounded shape of the shroud is very distinct to the box like shape employed by AMD graphics cards but it does act some character. The graphics card spans 22.5cm in length, a full 4.3cm shorter than the reference GTX570 and 4.9cm shorter than AMD’s HD6950 that it is up against.

The back of the card

The most notable observation of the back of the card is the blue PCB which is a bit of a change from the popular black PCBs used for most cards these days. Compared with the GTX570 or GTX580, the PCB looks very bare and no backplate has been installed for additional cooling. The voltage regulator can be found on the back at the edge of the PCB and next to the voltage circuitry. Thankfully, Nvidia have gone with using standard screws rather than torx ones as found on their GTX570s and GTX580s.

The cooler and shroud

The cooling is very unique on the GTX560. Rather than the fin shaped blower type fan, Nvidia has settled for a bladed fan positioned in the middle of the graphics card right on top of the core. The design is more typical to their mid-range cards but the unique aspect is the recessed shroud which gives it a better shape for drawing cool air in. As such, we can expect the card to run quite cool.

The SLI Connector

On the side of the card is one SLI connector. Unlike the GTX465, the GF114 core only supports dual SLI hence the single connector.

The 6-pin PCIe connectors

At the other end, the graphics card has 2 6-pin PCIe connectors. These are located at the end but it should cause no issue with regards to length when the appropriate cables are connected. OneMolex-to-6 pin adapter is provided for good measure so even older power supplies will be compatible. Rated at 170W TDP, the two 6-pin PCIe connectors should provide adequate power for the card and give it enough headroom for substantial overclocks.

The I/O plate

Nvidia are not as generous as AMD when it comes to connectivity. The Inno3D card has two DVI connectors on the I/O panel and a single mini-HDMI port supporting the latest 1.4a standard. The ports also support Nvidia Surround technology, without requiring DisplayPort, as long as another GTX560 is used in SLI. The I/O panel is exactly the same as found on the GTX570 and GTX580.

AMD HD6970 VS Inno3D GTX570 VS Inno3D GTX560

As mentioned previously, the GTX560 is shorter than AMD’s reference HD6900 series of cards, coming at 22.5cm, allowing compatibility in all mid tower cases. It is also shorter than the reference GTX570.

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