Intel Core i5-750 Processor Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅16-11-09

Product on Review: Core i5-750 Processor
Manufacturer: Intel
MSRP: Not mentioned on website
Street Price: Around £150

As a follow up to my recent ASUS Maximus III Gene review it was decided that a closer look at the additional components involved in that review should be undertaken.

Consequently we will take a look at Intel’s budget CPU from their Core i5 range. Despite being the cheapest Core i5 at the time of the review the 750 is still a fully featured quad.

Intel have ruled the roost for some time. The arrival of their Conroe based Core2 powered chips boosted performance way past anything AMD could offer at the time. Since then their subsequent upgrades have largely kept the range ahead of AMD’s Phenom and even the companies excellent new Phenom II chips.

Here’s a little about the company:

Intel pushes the boundaries of innovation so our work can make people's lives more exciting, fulfilling, and manageable. And our work never stops. We never stop looking for the next leap ahead—in technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and social responsibility. And we never stop striving to deliver solutions with greater benefits for everyone.

It began with the Intel® microprocessor, the invention that sparked a revolution. Intel's history of developing groundbreaking technology continues today. We attract the most brilliant minds in science to push the boundaries of innovation and further our position as the world's leader in semiconductor technology. Our passion is to create technology that changes the world.

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