Intel Core i5-750 Processor Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅16-11-09
Performance continued

Based on the number crunching ability of the i5-750 its gaming performance should be quite special too.


3DMark Vantage performance.

The Core i5-750 offers a considerable score advantage here.


Blacksite performance.

The Phenom II 720 @ 3.4ghz (Min 44/Max 70/Avg 50fps) can't match the i5 even at stock.

Race Driver GRID

Race Driver GRID performance.

The overclocked Phenom II @ 3.4ghz beats the stock clocked i5-750 (Min 42/Max 58/Avg 50fps) but once the i5-750 gets to 3.2ghz and beyond the AMD is soundly beaten.

The Intel Core i5-750 is a very competent gaming chip and provides great performance at high resolutions... especially when it's clocked beyond 3.2ghz.

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