Intel Core i5-750 Processor Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅16-11-09

All in all i feel that Intel have lost no momentum with the release of the i5. Yes, the flagship i7 may be faster but it requires an extra investment that some may not be willing to stretch to. What we have here is a massive chunk of that performance in a very affordable package.

Its desktop performance is very strong as too was its gaming credentials. Also worthy of mention was the snappiness of the desktop environment. This probably has something to do with the onboard memory controller that the Core i5-750 carries. Applications would open in an instant and the overall urgency of the system seemed greater than that of the older core 2 chips.

I’ve been very impressed with the Core i5-750 and would thoroughly recommend it to all mid and high end users.

+ Very well priced
+ Quite cool running
+ Exceptional performance in both desktop and gaming use
+ Great overclocking for both novice and expert users through the P55 chipset
+ 3 Year Warranty

- Nothing that i can see

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