Intel Pentium K Anniversary G3258 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-10-14

Product on Review: Pentium K G3258
Manufacturer Intel
Street Price: £55 GBP / $70 USD

Itís been a busy year for Intelís desktop division. Firstly, timed with Computex 2014 we had the release of Core i7-4790K along with the introduction of the Intel Z97 chipset just prior to the trade show, and just last month the enthusiast segment moved into its next stage with the mighty Haswell-E aka Core i7-5960X and again, another new chipset via the Intel X99.

During the summer months Intel released a special chip to celebrate 20 years of the Pentium brand. Although this processor lived in the shadow of Devilís Canyon it still has an exciting story to tell. G3258 aka Pentium K is an unlocked dual-core processor based around 22nm Haswell architecture. G3258 is regarded as Intelís best ďbang for buckĒ offering because it sits at the low-cost price of just £55 GBP / $70 USD and promises to be highly overclockable. Will these claims hold true?

Intel on their Pentium K Anniversary Processor
Celebrating Pentium the G3258 is very special indeed as it is the only Pentium K series CPU. What does that mean? Well it means just like the Haswell K edition CPUs it is unlocked and overclockable. Designed by Intel to celebrate Pentium this CPU is Intel's most overclockable CPU to date and a lot of fun can be had with this processor and itís a keen favourite amongst overclockers or those looking for some incredible performance for a low price, especially when overclocked.

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