KFA2 GTX570 1280MB Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅19-10-11
Packaging & Contents

Box Front

The front of the box is relatively plain by graphics card standards being a dull grey with contrasting NVIDIA green trim. Only the bare minimum specifications and features are displayed towards the bottom. The KFA2 theme is very urban though with the KFA2 title being in a graffiti style font.

In contrast to the front of the box, the rear has a wall of text describing the cards features and specification in a wall of text in an original manner. KFA2 believe there are 8 good reasons why you should have a graphics card and use this to describe the cards main attractions.


Removing the package from the outer sleeve we are greeted with a plain black box. This sturdy box contains the package contents and upon opening the lid I am happy to report the contents were secure and very well packed both by means of stiff polystyrene inserts and anti-static packaging which should mean the product arrives to you in perfect condition.


The accessories included with the package have pretty much all you could need. There's a user manual, installation manual, VGA-DVI adapter, 2x twin Molex-6pin adapters, driver and utilities disc and a mini-HDMI cable. The only oversight was the omission of a game to put your GPU to the test.

Let's move on to the card itself...

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