Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-01-15
Packaging & Bundle

Front of packaging

The packaging has developed a little from the original cloud with a darker and aggressive gamer appeal with the added information about the new features and the included USB soundcard.

Reverse side

No space is wasted to tell you about all the features at the back and side with photos and diagrams.

Inner sanctum

Instead of a black inner box, we are greeted with a grey box, this may reflect the colour choice of headset as this is the gunmetal version, it is also available in red and limited edition white/pink.

Opened to glory

The packaging is as we come to expect, top class cut foam protection with a message from the team behind the product.

Included accessories

The bundle is as extensive as before (including aeroplane adaptor, with exception to a 4-pole mobile adaptor which is no longer needed and the inline remote/cable extension is replaced with a USB soundcard/control box.

The Cloud II with braided cable and 4-pole 3.5mm jack on top of the included carry case

Close up of the USB Soundcard

Alternative velour ear pads are included

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