LEPA LPC302 Series Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅26-08-11

Product on Review: LPC302
Manufacturer and Sponsor: LEPA
Street Price: Unknown

For any new brand establishing a good reputation is very hard. Without the publicity and exposure its almost certain you will be unheard of. LEPA are a new brand from the EcoMaster Technology Group. Those who arenít familiar with EcoMaster will almost certainly have heard of Enermax. LEPA had its debut back in June at Computex. Whilst the Enermax brand caters for high-end and indeed higher priced products, LEPA on the other hand will still deliver high-quality products but at a much more appealing price-point.

The name LEPA is linked to the beast that is the Leopard. From initial impressions, the word LEPA probably isnít the best name for a thriving brand. Straight away it sounds like the word ĎLeperí the sufferer of the chronic disease Leprosy. Letís just hope nothing falls apart whilst under observation today!

Today we are going to be taking a look at our first LEPA product the LPC302 Series computer case. A mid-tower with lots of style, space and features. Letís see how our first LEPA product does.

About LEPA
The LEPA mission is to provide reliable, stable and eco-friendly products and services to serve our customers worldwide. The current product lines of LEPA include Switching power supplies, PC cases, cooling fans and other peripherals.

The Circular Type LED fan, which innovated and patented by LEPA is the pioneer in market, which turn the purposes of case fan from single cooling function into an eye-catching excellence and artworks. The unique spiralling lightening display takes functions, exterior, and uniqueness into considerations, and successfully satisfies the usersí expects and demands for an excellent fan.

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