LEPA LV12 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-07-14
Closer Look

Super sleek and pleasing to the eye

LV12 uses a single heatsink design and weighs a mere 460g.

The biggest standout feature with LV12 is unquestionably the aesthetics. LEPA has given the blank variant a coating of matt black which not only looks very sleek but also protects it from corrosion.

Looking so stylish and being neutral in its theme, LV12 will coordinate with various system configurations, especially popular motherboard options which are black/grey in appearance.

Four copper heatpipes pass through aluminium fins

The contours of the aluminium fins

LV12 incorporates four copper heatpipes which as traditional CPU cooler heatsinks follow, pass through the aluminium fins. LEPA has placed a shiny metallic impression of their logo on one particular side of the uppermost fins.

This heatsink uses what LEPA term “Louver fins” which have small openings to encourage better air conduction.

The profile and contour of LV12 features a middle section which is convex and edges which step out.

Direct touch base plate

Rather than have the heatpipes pass through the upper section of the baseplate, LEPA has given LV12 direct touch technology called H.D.T (Heatpipe Direct Touch). The intention behind this is to transfer heat more efficient and eliminate CPU hot spots.

Fans can be clipped to either side of tower

Accompanying LV12 is a single 120mm cooling fan and four clips which allows both sides of the heatsink to have cooling fans attached. The clip fixes behind the hooked fins for a secure fitment and it’s easy to attach/detach fans thanks to the manufactured design.

If the fan is moving around slightly – LEPA supply pads which sit within the recess to provide a snug fit.

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