Lian Li PC-A77F Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅31-08-10

Product on Review: Lian Li PC-A77F
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Lian Li
Street Price: £280/334EURO At the time of review

Lian Li are a stalwart case manufacturer amongst enthusiasts the world over, they have stood out from the surrounding brands by offering exceptionally hand-crafted cases typically - aluminium as the chosen material.

I've never had any experience of owning a Lian Li case myself, but know of many who have had the luxury of owning one. They speak highly of their vast product range and so today it is with anticipation that I look to taking a close look at the PC-A77F, a case which launched back in March 2010. The PC-A77F is an update to the PC-A77 bringing in some interesting features such as USB3.0, full tool-less design, support for multiple graphics cards and so on.

Video Tour of PC-A77F

Lian Li's Take:
In 2010, Lian Li introduce the unbeatable PC-A77F for the PC gaming enthusiasts, and gaming professionals who want a high quality product with a unique flavour. The PC-A77F is manufactured in TAIWAN; handcrafted from high quality aluminium and incorporates Lian Liís finest workmanship which has built up over more than two decadeís worth of experience.

The PC-A77F carries Lian Liís high standard of Quality requirement. All the sharp edges have been removed for userís safety. In addition, the external and internal surfaces have hair-line brush anodized aluminium in keeping with Lian Liís classical style.


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