Lian Li Silent Force 650W PSU Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅21-04-10
Packaging & Appearance

The PSU arrived in a refreshingly simple box, with all the content well laid out and easy to follow. The sides of the box give you various different bits of technical information, with the bottom of the box showing you the various connectors the PSU has on offer.

Included in the box we have the usual bundle: 4 mounting screws, a user guide, modular cable pouch, mains power cable and the PSU itself.

Opening up the cable pouch we can see Lian-Li have included pretty much everything you could possibly need. By utilising all the cables provided, there is the following connections available:

1x 24 pin Motherboard (Hard Wired)
1x 8 pin (P8) 12v CPU (Hard Wired)
1x 4 pin (P4) 12v CPU (Hard Wired)
1x 6 pin PCI-E
1x 8 pin PCI-E
4x 4 pin Molex
2x Floppy

And here’s a shot of all the modular power cables:

Taking a look at the PSU itself, you immediately notice the unique paint job Lian-Li have given it – it looks incredibly rough. Picking up and feeling the unit it doesn’t feel as rough as it looks, but it’s not smooth by any stretch of the imagination.

You can also see the 3 hard wired power cables; the 24 pin ATX connector and the 8 and 4 pin 12V CPU connectors. Although they are all sleeved, the sleeving is rather thin, which means the cables inside are easily visible. Considering Lian-Li’s reputation for building extremely high quality products this is a bit of a shame, and I would have preferred to have seen something a little more substantial.

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