Lian Li Silent Force 650W PSU Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅21-04-10
A Closer Look
Apart from the minor niggle with the cable braid I was very impressed with the build quality of the PSU. Looking through the fan grill and into the PSU you can see a mass of copper heatsinks no doubt helping to reduce the amount of airflow required to keep the PSU cool.

Even the fan grill is of extremely high quality:

The modular connections are nothing new, using a similar connector to the 6 pin PCI-E used for graphics cards. Each connector has a little clip on top that holds it in place. Pressing down on the rear of this clip frees up the connector for removal.

And finally, a shot of how the power is separated between the different rails.

With 25A on the 4 main rails (and a combined 50A of 12V juice through the two rails), the Lian-Li should have more than enough juice for any modest PC build. The PSU has a peak output of 700W, giving you an extra 50W of momentary juice should you need it.

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