LiteOn eSAU208 External Slim DVD Writer Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-09-10
Closer Look

The LiteOn eSAU208 comes packaged within a colourful box very typical of LiteOn retail packaged products. On the various sides there are details regarding the features, technologies (Lightscribe and Smart-burn) and the box's contents. It isn't a very exciting box, but it does its job by keeping the drive well packaged.

Within the box there is a good amount of accessories. We have the external drive, a stand to erect the drive vertically, a USB cable, an AC power cable (two alternatives for powering), instructions and a Nero 7 Essentials disc.

Observing the eSAU 208 closely, the drive is encased in a plastic casing. Today we are looking at the burgundy red variant but there are a selection of colours available - red, black, blue and white. So whatever colour your netbook/notebook is you have the option of a variety of colours to compliment your machine. To the one side there is an black tone that runs around the edge. The corners are all rounded, its good to see no sharp edges.

To look at and feel the eSAU 208's surface, it is apparent it has matt properties. So it isn't going to slip off anywhere, although the material and textures used does mean that dust and dirt is attracted to the exterior.

On the face of the eSAU 208 there is a typical DVD-RW drive cover. The logos Lightscribe, DVD Multi Recorder and RW. Nothing out of the ordinary. There is an eject button, LED for activity and pin hole for extracting discs should the drive be without power.

Around the back there is a DC socket for use with the DC power adapter that comes included in the packaging. Next to this socket is a mini-USB socket for connecting the eSAU 208 directly to your computer.

On the underside of the eSAU 208 there are four feet to prevent slipping, and on the back there is a label with certifications, standards and serial numbers.

Bundled within the package is a stand, you can slide the eSAU 208 into this small object and it allows you to have it stand vertically instead of on the desk etc. Stood up like this the drive does actually look quite contemporary. Overall, the eSAU 208 is a robust little device.

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