LiteOn eSAU208 External Slim DVD Writer Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-09-10
Nero 7 Essentials

Earlier in the review I mentioned that bundled with the eSAU 208 is Nero 7 Essentials software disc. Nero are currently marketing the 10th instalment of the popular software, and they seem to have altered their product line.

Although Nero 7 Essentials isn't the latest version, it still offers a wide array of features and functionality. It would be impossible for me to show you every avenue within this software but below are just a few of the features that Nero 7 Essentials offers.

This software gives you the ability to make data CDs/DVDs, copy CDs/DVDs. Make Audio CDs, Video DVDs, erase discs, perform benchmark tests, print labels on your discs and much more!

To say this software is comprehensive may be an understatement. LiteOn have done a good job to include this software because it covers such a vast selection of different types of operations, getting you well on your way to using the eSAU 208 and getting the most out of it.

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